Power BI Custom Visual Development Service

Unlock the full potential of your data! Our team of experts will design and develop custom visuals based on your needs and requirements.

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Power BI Custom Visual Development Service

Unlock the full potential of your data! Our team of experts will design and develop custom visuals based on your needs and requirements.

Custom Visuals are the way to add additional visualizations to your Microsoft Power BI reports and dashboards. By using this service, you can order a custom-made visual from Data Visualization Software Lab LTD, a Microsoft Partner. We have experience in custom visualization development since 2016, and our best-known product is ZoomCharts Drill Down Custom Visuals.

It all starts with an idea. If you have an idea of what you would like to have, you are welcome to reach out to us with your requirements and we will take it from there.

There isn't a specific format for compiling the requirements - you can use whichever way is easiest for you to describe the desired visual.

Cost of the development depends on many factors, among which are complexity of the data structure, features, interactions and animations for the state changes.

We build most of the visuals using ZoomCharts JavaScript charts library and we use our own proprietary Custom Visual development framework that shortens the development cycle and improves the visual quality. If we plan to add a similar visual to our own Drill Down Visual suite, we might offer you a co-financing model, where you only need to cover a part of the development costs and you would be the first to receive the visual.

Typical custom visual development costs start at 5,000 USD for simplest of the visuals and it takes about 1-2 weeks to develop. To get a more precise estimate, please send in your requirements.

Certification of the visuals ensures that they are safe to use within secure environments and unlocks additional features (export to ppt, scheduled email reports and more).

To have your visual certified, it needs to comply with certain rules, among which the most important is - visual may not contact external resources to operate. This means that all the assets and code must be within the visual itself. If that complies with the visual requirements, we can submit the visual for the Microsoft's review and certification. On average, the initial certification cycle takes 3-6 months to complete.

Most ZoomCharts visuals on the marketplace are intended to be certified (new visuals take some time to get the certification badge).

If your custom visual is added to the Drill Down Visuals suite, we will maintain and improve it free of charge. If the visual is custom built for you and not added to the visual suite, you might need to request an update for the visual once the Custom Visual API changes.

We are building the visuals on our proprietary technology stack, hence the IP will be owned by ZoomCharts and you will need licenses to use the visuals going forward. Depending on your requirements and the development budget, you may be eligible for a custom licensing plan for ZoomCharts visuals.

Yes, all visuals developed by ZoomCharts require a license to use them. Depending on your requirements and the development budget, you might be eligible for a credit that can be used to obtain ZoomCharts Custom Visuals licenses.

To proceed, please contact our product team by sending the description of the idea that you have and we will come back with the next steps on how to proceed from there. Evaluation is free. To submit the request, please send email to [email protected].

Here are some of our most interesting custom visual projects that will be added to the Drill Down Visual suite

Multiple TimeSeries visual

Our customer had time series data that needed to be plotted automatically in n-number of sub-charts based on the category. We implemented the visual based on the Drill Down Timeseries visual core and added automated sub-chart generation and interaction synchronization. Being based on the TimeSeries visual, Multiple TimeSeries comes with automated data aggregation and touch driven scrolling and zooming functionality, enabling fast and intuitive data exploration.

  • Automated chart generation
  • Automated time-based aggregations
  • Synchronised zooming and scrolling
  • Big data ready
Sensor Map

Sensor Map Visual

With Internet of Things becoming more and more popular, data monitoring becomes more important than ever. With this visual, the customer can use their own floor plans to easily display and monitor multitude of sensors. Full integration with dynamic data model enables seamless integration with slicers, filters and highlights triggered by other visuals.

  • Automated sensor result visualization
  • Full flexibility for tooltip layout
  • Custom floor map support with intuitive interactions

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