Ultimate JavaScript Maps chart package for Geospatial data Visualization and Exploration

Some of the chart types included in Geo Chart charts package:
Location chart Bubble map Connections on map Country shapes See all

Control at your fingertips.

Combine the map with other chart types for an ultimate data exploration experience

Zoom in/out

Control map zoom level.

Use common gestures like scroll or double click.

Use pinch gestures.


Use zoom controls to drill-up or drill-down in your data as you change the zoom level of the map.

Depends on configuration of dynamic data agreggation.

Use common gestures like scroll or double click.

Use pinch gestures.

Give it a try

That's an actual JavaScript chart demo below.
Hint shows your action to take.
Step 1:

It's easy to set-up and customize

Choose tile server or go without. Place other ZoomCharst charts on the map dynamically.

Location data

See and explore your data on the map in numerous ways.


Different ways to drill-down your geo-location data.

Labels & Legend

Enhance your interactive map with various data dimensions.

Various charts included in package

Geo Chart JavaScript charts package includes following charts:
Network charts

Graph chart

Grouped network chart

Radial graph

Area charts

Smooth area

Smooth area

Multiple areas

Multiple areas

Multiple stacked areas

Multiple stacked areas

100% stacked

Area & candlesticks

Area & bars

Area & bars

Area & lines

Area, lines & bars

Area, lines & bars

Bar charts
Line charts

Smooth line

Smooth line

Multiple lines

Area, lines & bars

Area, lines & bars

Donut & pie charts

Multiple level donut

Multiple level pie chart

Gauge charts

Filled gauge

Donut gauge

Multiple level gauge

Stream charts

Single smooth stream

Multiple streams

Multiple smooth streams

Map charts

Location points

Aggregated location points

Donut charts on map

Pie charts on map

Bar charts on map

Connections on map

Shapes on map

Candlestick charts
Waterfall charts

Waterfall categories

Matrix charts
Hierarchy & flow charts

Hierarchy, bottom top

Flow, bottom top

Bubble charts

Geo chart visualization integration example

ZoomCharts JavaScript charts are designed to save your time on integration and development.
JavaScript code:
End result:

Start creating interactive, professional data visualization quickly and easily using ZoomCharts JavaScript charts library!

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